NIF Conference Miami, FL February 2020!

National Independent Filmmakers

A national filmmakers network committed to helping local filmmakers succeed. NIF is organized under four pillars that consist of membership, challenges, support & training, and a pitch & stream team for film placement.

NIF Conference Miami 2020








9 out of 10 filmmakers?

When asked, 9 out of 10 prefer an overactive network with opportunities for growth and profitability in the film industry.

The four pillars included in membership to grow your film career


  • Year to Year membership
  • Free Directory Listing *
  • 3 Free Websites Hosted & Designs loaded.
  • Networking/Meetups *
  • Annual Award Show for members discounted
  • Voting Rights to select local cabinet members
  • Ambassador program*
    * Free membership access

Support & Training

    • Scheduled table read locations included during challenges.
    • Online video training ( 2020)
    • Resources for finding staff and team
    • Team conference calls ( recorded for playback)
    • Legal services (contract review, letter writing, mediation) are available for NIF involved projects. 
    • Downloadable documents for building your business
    • video editing software

    National Challenges

    • We collaborate, support and submit to filmmaker challenges around the nation. 4-5 Challenges per year
    • No-Competition Kid Challenge (Under 18)
    • Set up and production classes to help you succeed
    • Top 3 Pitched for placement opportunities.
    • Top 5 Submission to other festivals.
    • Revenue generating stream opportunities
    • Online live stream how-to sessions to help you succeed.

    Pitch and Stream Team

    We have an incredible growing pitch and stream team. First the pitch. Their job is to build relationships with individuals that are the gatekeepers to online platforms, TV networks, and cable channels to get your projects placed. They watch all of the top 5 films from our network nationwide and pitch for placement.

    The stream: Our app is available to members at no additional cost and indie film enthusiast for a small fee to help increase the visibility of your film as well as generate streaming revenue. 



    Film Support

    “We are looking forward to helping you grow locally and nationwide.”

    “This is a great group of people to be around who are connected nationwide.”

    “It looks and feels like a real team of people dedicated to helping indie filmmakers. When you talk to the pitch team, you know it's real”

    “They have the best networking parties on the planet. I really like NIF”

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