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Book To  Film

This 2 in 1 discussion can help authors get their books converted into a film or a tv show. This video discussion is an interview with experts in film production, public relations, crowdfunding, and marketing. Included: A filmmaker interview with 5 filmmakers to discuss the process. 

       Book To Film

Recorded Discussion

In this discussion, we talk about the adaptation process of converting a book or idea into a film. We discuss public relations, and we talk with a successful director on how the process works. We provide great insight on crowdfunding, how to raise outside funds and the one mistake that most people make… picking the wrong platform for fundraising.

Plus a link to schedule a one on one discussion with Gene Culver &
BONUS: Filmmakers discuss how they converted their books and ideas
BONUS 2: How we made the trailer.

How long do I have access after I purchase? You will have lifetime immediate access to all the current and future book to film videos.

How does my purchase support indie filmmakers? Each purchase goes to a fund that we use to help them with crowdfunding, production, or a number of other filmmaker meetups.

What if I need help with a crowdfunding campaign?
We offer crowdfunding support with no setup fee. We can help you raise the money to produce your project.

– Bonus Interview with book to filmmakers. 

– How to make a crowdfunding video under $10-20 (see on this page)

– Which crowdfunding platform to choose

Gene Culver – Moderator

This fun-filled and informative discussion was moderated by NIFT founder Gene Culver. He has assembled filmmakers, authors, and creators in the industry to share the steps they have taken to convert their ideas, books, and projects into the next motion picture production.

Once you finish watching the discussions on video, click the link in the video to schedule a 15 consultation to discuss your project.