Adaptation Selection | Convert 2-4 Ideas | June 1, 2020

Music and Film go together

NIF + Sync Music

We are dedicated to matching music and film creators in our membership. So much so that we are building a "members-only" system for searching music for film projects.  We also have a dedicated team that works in our sync music department. 


Membership Year To Year

Our membership is built by members for members. Includes freelancer directory listing.

Free membership

  • We collaborate, support, and submit to filmmaker challenges around the nation. (Multiple challenges per year)
  • Film Festival Submissions
  • Top 3 Pitched for placement opportunities.
  • Top 5 Submission to other festivals.
  • Revenue generating stream opportunities
  • We position our filmmaking community for job opportunities.

Adaptation Review

1 Year Membership with 4 reviews of an idea, book, screenplay, or film for funding and filmmaking. 

Adaptation Membership

  • 4 ideas submitted per year for curation.
  • Pitch deck setup instructions and starter design
  • Pitch team activated - Ready to review your ideas
  • Year to Year membership
  • 2 Tickets to our film pitch and networking conference
  • Bonus: Author website hosting and DIY designs loaded.
  • Top level support and membership "How to Downloads" 

Sync Music Partner

Powered by the songwriters and producers at, our sync team has access to a large catalog of music for film and tv placements. If you produce music, make sure you apply at the songwriters and producer's website through the A&R link.