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We have an incredible team of teachers in the film and music sector. We take the students from creating the script,  making the film, and adding music. We educate them on the film and music industry and we test that knowledge at the end of the event.

Todays Technology

Young Film and Music Makers engages the student in the filmmaking process by incorporating the technology that some of them already carry. Their cell phones! This process stays with them forever. We make the process engaging and fun at the same time while they learn.

Film & Music Makers

Each video is 100% student-driven. The script, the shots, the idea, location, music, and the story is done by the students.  

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We work with various different schools, budgets, and in multiple cities around the country. Young Film and Music Makers is part of the National Independent Filmmakers and we have teachers around the nation.

Typically, we are with the students for 4 days (Monday-Thursday) for 4 hours each day to create this film and test their knowledge. 

Contact us and let’s talk about your needs, budget, and how we can design what we do to fit your summer program. 

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