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Current Suggestions

Suggestions already made with answers. 

Free Rentals

It would be great if we hand discount or free rentals for equipment as part of our membership


Yes, we have a team that is working with us for discounted and free rentals to help filmmakers during our challenges. 

Casting calls

I would prefer one source for amazing casting calls and opportunities. You guys should subscribe and send us the leads LOL But seriously… 1 service.


We have a growing team of casting directors who are plugged into multiple sources nationwide and they are working with us to offer casting opportunities by the end of the year. 

Free Meetups

I would like to meet more people in the industry and those that are like minded


We will have monthly meetups available in multiple cities now and all the cities where we have chapters by 1st quarter 2020. 

Legal Assist

Sometimes I find that I have legal questions, contracts that need to be reviewed or I need a letter written and lawyers are expensive. Can you assist or recommend support for that?


Legal services will be part of your membership, although limited to letters and contract reviews, by the end of 2019. Additionally, we will have a database of starter templated contracts you can download for your production. 

Table Reads...

Sometimes we just need space for a table read or film discussion. 


By the 2nd quarter of 2020, we will have designated locations for table reads in our larger membership areas available at no charge to our members. 

Books To Film

I would like to take my book from an idea to a film. Do you have a process to guide me through the process?


We a division designed to assist with book to film plus our members can also assist in writing, publishing, distribution, and production of your project. 


(407) 205-2138

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