Funding Indie Filmmakers

 Welcome to the adaptation hub. We aim to take incredible care of you and your project. Our goal is to look at the deep details of your project and not only fund your idea but to send it to our production team and create an amazing pilot or short film. Then have our pitch team attempt to place it with a major production studio or distribution channel to help you monetize.

Regardless if we select your project for production this month or next or within the next year, we are always pitching projects for placements outside of NIF for placement. 

Below is a list of items that can be helpful in the production and funding side but not required to get your project produced by our team. Those items just help in the overall process. Remember, we are evaluating projects that can become profitable and these details can be helpful to the investors helping to make the decision about your project . 


  • Personal Funding: Do you have any funding for your project that you would like to contribute? This can be any form of funding from any source, advertiser, crowdfunding, sponsors or fan base.
  • Location: Do you have a location that would be perfect for the filming of your pilot?
  • Production Team members: Many of our authors have access to amazing production staff and members that want to be part of the production process as an investment in their project. We would like to know about anyone that wants to be part of this process so we can arrange to work with them.  
  • Actors: Our casting directors are always evaluating talent and we welcome any actors that you feel would fit for your production.
  • Social Media Following: If you have a growing social media following please let us know about it. 

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Website Setup

To the right in the form to set up your website on our server. Just a few notes for you. We provide you with 1000mg of space which is a great fit for most clients. Please be sure and contact our team if you need more space than we allow in your current package so we can make arrangements. 

If you have a domain name, please point your domain to the following name server by logging into your domain control panel where you purchased the domain or contact them for support. You should ALWAYS purchase and maintain control over your own domain name in case you want to move your website. 

Name servers are as follows. and

Once you have made the change above, please complete the form for the website setup. 



Website Setup

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